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As many of you may know, International Man has its roots in the book of the same name. It was first published in 1978 by best-selling author, speculator, and renowned world-traveler Doug Casey.

The original intent of that book was to give readers a general sense of the exciting and opportunity-rich world that lay outside of their national borders, with a review of over 100 countries, valuable "opportunity intelligence," and the resources that anyone could follow to realize these opportunities.

Even though the book is now clearly out of date, the need for information on internalization is more relevant than ever, as governments the world over become more desperate. The purpose of this website is to preserve the mission of that book and be the premier location for up-to-date, highly actionable, and practical information on the topic.

So why is internationalization prudent?

Doug Casey has said over and over that spreading your political risk beyond one single jurisdiction is the single most important thing he can recommend today.

Political risk is minimized when you don't depend absolutely on any one particular country. Having all your eggs in one basket only makes it easier for someone to grab them all. Being internationalized makes it much harder for any particular government to control you.

We will no doubt see the major underlying trend of increasing political risk (especially for Westerners) get worse as governments sink deeper into fiscal and moral bankruptcy.

It is only prudent and logical to assume that you will, somehow and someway, continue to be squeezed harder in the pocketbook and subjected to escalating arbitrary and burdensome regulations and restrictions. In short, expect more government and less freedom all around.

The window to protect yourself from these risks by diversifying internationally gets verifiably smaller with each passing week. There are many ways to internationalize that do not require you to leave your home country. It is not necessary (at least, at the moment) that you immediately leave and become an expat.

However, it is necessary that you develop the options to internationalize before the government closes the window of opportunity to do so. http://www.agoshow.net/Cardina....seys-94 - Cardinals 50 Adam Wainwright Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys If history is any guide, it won't be open forever.

In that sense, it is much better to have developed and implemented many parts of your internationalization game plan a year early rather than a minute late.

There are four broad areas of internationalization:

Savings: This covers how to setup offshore bank, brokerage, and financial accounts, foreign real estate and "bolt-holes" in case of trouble, moving and owning gold overseas, and structures like foreign trusts that help to legally reduce taxes. Placing your savings outside the immediate reach of your local government ensures that they cannot be trapped in the case of capital controls or outright seized at the drop of a hat, such as what happened when the government became .
Yourself: Obtaining a from another country and establishing legal residency in foreign countries.
Income: The structuring of your cash flows to reduce dependence on any one source in any one jurisdiction. Establishing additional sources of revenue, international investment opportunities and trends, and setting up an offshore company.
Digital Presence: This commonly includes your IP address (which can often pinpoint you to a precise physical address), email account, online file storage, and the components of personal/business websites.
Last, I will leave you with a primer on internationalization with Doug Casey.

To navigate all the possibilities and options available, it is imperative to have the most accurate and current information possible. http://www.agoshow.net/Twins-3....seys-54 - Twins 33 Justin Morneau red 2010 All Star Jerseys has recently updated and expanded its popular Going Global report to give its readers exactly that. Going Global 2013 explores in detail the choices investors have for moving investments offshore, including insurance and trusts; it discusses many stock markets and currencies; and it covers internationalizing yourself, starting with getting a second passport and including choosing a new country (or countries) in which to create homes. If you want to start internationalizing, you'll find no better resource on the subject.
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http://iphone4sforsaler.webeden.co.uk/ - iPhone 4s for sale This can be more difficult than it sounds and it is important that the right steps be taken when buying or selling any home or other type of property You may also have a particular real estate agent you use for all your property acquisitionsLoyalty and dedicationDo people seem proud to work in your organization Are they telling others about how exciting it is to work here Do people seem loyal to their work Are they always giving ideas on how to improve, develop, and work better Is there lots of energy in the environment Do people seem to work well together Loyal and dedicated workers will show it in many ways You have to watch closely for the signals that people are proud to tell others where they workGood ideas, positive behavior and relationships with peers and customersDo people seem to enjoy talking to customers, solving problems, submitting new ideas Are relationships improving in the organization Do people seem to enjoy each other Or it is opposite, and you always hear negative stories about customers and conflicts between people at work These are signals that something is wrong in the system When good ideas are flowing, people look forward to talking to customers and relationships are growing and thriving, then this is a good sign that your management system is working well http://iphone5forcheap.moonfruit.com/ - iPhone 5 for cheap You just know that this is going to be a great family outing and everyone loves the new fishing boat A fishing boat can be anything between a canoe where you dangle basic bait over the side in a river or stream to a powerful cabin cruiser or yacht Basically, all you need to get out onto the water is a vessel that is seaworthy There are a large variety of fishing boats available on today's market You can buy them at boat shows, fishing shows or dealerships.
http://iphone4sforsaler.moonfruit.com/ - iPhone 4s for sale You can test these 2 methods by using a simple java script so that the thank you page will be rotated One is with a single product recommendation and the other page will be for multiple product recommendations Test it out to see which one gives you a higher conversion rate6) Track your ad and advertisingYou have to track your ad copy and advertising campaigns http://woolfoxfor.cabanova.com/ - cheap iphone 32gb When I first started myself, I signed up to money making forums and contacted people already making a living working out of their homes I was shocked to find that these people were very helpful and provided me with plenty of valuable resourcesOnce you have found a niche market, go with it and stick with it Its important not to give up if you fail the first time around, persistence is the key Continue to diversify and research other programs that are a match for you.

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